What’s tavii.com?

In 5 words, Tavii is travel community website for Japanese. Think of Tavii as a travel is not “checking the guide book’s information”, but “meet your own traveling style”.
You can find out over 30000 Low Cost Airlines routes all over the world. And you can search your best stay using our hotel/hostel search engine in Japanese.
And checking lot of Japanese traveler’s journal, you can get the information you can not get from travel guidebooks.
Purchase your air tickets, booking your hotels, checking a lot of travel information, and make travel friends and communicate with each other, all on a single site: tavii.com!

Why we exist?

Maybe this is Japanese culture, many Japanese traveler don’t have the heart to go where they do not know. This is the fact that Japanese main destination is SAME places from 20 years ago.
We really want to change this situation. We know there are so many beautiful places in the all over the world, and other travel style for Japanese — “meet your own traveling style”.

Company Brochure

Name tavii.com Inc
Establishment Feb, 2010
Capital ¥ 3,600,000 (about 44,000 USD)
Address Nihonbashi Tokyo, Japan.

Member of Tavii.com

Akihiro Ogino Making plan and direction for various CGM services at Rakuten and Livedoor
Takafumi Yamanaka Planned management strategy for resources companies at Accenture Ltd.